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Your Choice Of Funeral Service

Bottini Funeral Home has a full range of funeral service

options from traditional religious services, to a simple


Each family has the opportunity to learn about

and discuss the funeral service options available

to accommodate any budget.




What To Do When A Death Occurs


When a death occurs, the order in which things need to be done often depends on where the death occurred. You should contact your family members, or friends, that will be able to assist you at this highly emotional time.


If in any case you are not sure of who to notify or what to do, you may call us at (315)336-6120 or

315-335-1521,  and we'll assist you in notifying the proper agencies.


Listed below are some guidelines to assist you:


If At Home or At Work:


When a death occurs at home or in the workplace, a family member or co-worker should contact 911 emergency personnel and the person's physician, if known.  If the death occurs at home with family or friends present, and the person is under a physician's care, the family will want to call us directly at (315)336-6120 or



However, if the death occurs in a residence and no one is there at the time of death, the police will need to be notified and respond to the residence before the deceased is removed from their home.


 If Under Managed Care:


When a death occurs in a managed care facility, such as a hospital or nursing home, the professional staff will notify you and the necessary authorities. If the name of the funeral home has been listed with them, the institution will notify the funeral home at the time of the death. The funeral director will contact you immediately following their notification to help you proceed.  We also suggest you contact the funeral home immediately, so you have the reassurance that all is taken care of properly.


If a loved one was in the care of a hospice program, a hospice representative will give family members instructions and procedures to follow. The coroner/medical examiner will be notified by hospice. Following their release hospice will contact the funeral home. The family should also contact us immediately so we will be aware of the pending call from hospice.



Our staff members are experienced professionals who can provide much of the information you need, emotional support and compassionate guidance.


While you may ask the funeral director any questions at this time, you will be able to discuss the arrangements in detail later when you meet in person. During this initial call, the funeral director will gather information to be able to transport your loved one to the funeral home.


The funeral director will ask you several questions, including whether your loved one made any

pre-arrangements. The director will also schedule a date and time for you to meet at the funeral home and will let you know what you should bring.






Our funeral services include an

on-site arrangement room, which includes a casket showroom,

cremation urns, and burial vaults to accommodate any financial budget.


"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"  
Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro




If requested, a keepsake DVD video celebrating your loved one's life.


Program Booklets are offered if having a religious service.



We provide services for all denominations.



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