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                  Our History


Established in 1916 by Joseph Bottini, the funeral home has been providing bereavement services to the Utica-Rome area for 3 generations. Operated today by Luigi J. Bottini and his son, Michael A. Bottini, the funeral home continues to provide the highest standard of care, using state-of-the art services.


Presently located at 120 West Embargo Street for over 60 years, Bottini Funeral Home is a state-of-the-art facility, able to meet the needs of those families requesting our services.


We invite you to browse our website at your leisure.  On this site, you will learn what services we can offer you and your family: from Cremation Services to Traditional Burial Services, including Pre-Planning/Pre-Arrangements.










The Value Of A Funeral






The purpose of a funeral is to provide a way of commemorating a life and bringing together friends and family members so they can support each other as they share fond memories.  Although different religious denominations have created guidelines and rituals that they follow for conducting funeral services, there is no right or wrong way to plan a funeral.


  The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a service or commemoration is that it should be reflective of the person's life. While religious elements may play a major part, it should also include memories about the person's life that help everyone recapture and revisit their own memories.  Sometimes this is best accomplished by having friends or family members share their reflections as part of the service.  Some people personalize the service with special music (which may be religious or non-religious). Others bring in pictures to have at the service. Often favorite things that belonged to the deceased are integrated into the service such as personal momentos  and keepsakes.


  Our goal is to give a true sense of who your loved one was.  A funeral service recognizes that death is a sad event, but is also a celebration of one's life.


  The value of the funeral depends on how well it is planned.  Bottini Funeral Home strives to create funeral services that accommodate the beliefs and wishes of the family.



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